Breathe, yeah.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Life's been very hard recently. That's a funny notion in itself, as life is the most simplest of things.

You have it. We all have it. It’s the one thing we just “do”. 

Yesterday, while I was at work and my boss glanced at his iwatch as it reminded him to “breathe”. Breathe. Breatheeeeeee. You can pay $30 direct debit for a Pilates class that teaches you how to breathe. You can do it wrong. Over red wine and cheap phõ last week my sometimes-wise (sometimes-equally-as-unstable) friend told me that people only smoke because they need to breathe. It’s true. It’s not often one goes out for “”air” without a cigarette in tow, and without a cigarette standing and breathing is more of a cry for help and onset of a heart palpitations. Smoking is a way of concentrating on breathing. You can take notice and feel the breath in, and out. You stop. 

I tried breathing without smoking, it works just as well. Some call it meditating.


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