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Monday, 13 October 2014

This week has been a disjointed mix of binge viewing the entirety of the Made in Chelsea NYC season, piecing together my post-europe life which includes both searching for a job and for an internship, and testing some oh so nice products from Glasshouse Fragrance's La Maison Glasshouse collection. I also bought some white jeans, white jeans are still in right?

a. Glasshouse Fragrances "no. 5 fleurs musquées candle"

b. Glasshouse Fragrances "no. 3 gardenia inoubliable room fragrance"

In other news, house favourite Gemma Ward alongside her baby daughter cemented her modelling meets acting debut with Country Road.

In the world of good reads, I recommend you take a glance at this article where Bertie Brandes talks Love and other drugs, for i-D Magazine.

"If 21st century love is simply a chemical reaction, and life is routine and unremarkable, and consumer-capitalism has shaped our very definition of identity, then it’s hardly any wonder the most prominent relationship we have with drugs is one that promises total oblivion."

-Bertie Brandes, i-D Magazine

with love. 


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