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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

There are many places where you can expect, or even predict to find a Massimo Dutti shopping bag nestled next to a Gucci hobo- yet in the front basket of a humble bike surely isn’t one. Hello Vondel Park- Amsterdam. This leafy Oasis, is the ‘Dam’s answer to Central Park, surrounded by beautiful Amsterdam style townhouses.

If I was to illustrate this in a simple formula, it would look something like “sophisticated, chic middle-aged Dutch lady + ye old’ bicycle”. Seeing ¾ of a city’s population buzz about you on two wheels is truly something. It can be almost considered as some bizarre utopia where residents all live in an eco-friendly harmony. From the eyes of a Melbournian it’s a far cry from the Sunday morning middle-aged man filled peloton’s that carve the Melbourne streets. They Dutch have done it; they have liberated their entire population with the humble bike.

Men donning suits, young women in all black tailored jackets akin with Nike’s, others in their ballet flats and dresses. They are ordinary people, well-dressed ordinary people and they are harnessing the agility and speed of the bicycle. Putting two and two together, I guess you could relate their use of bikes to the wider practicality, humble and wholesomeness of Dutch Design. It has a quiet charm and is utterly soul warming. Much like COS, which is filled with quality knits and wools galore.

You can pedal your way to marvel at the paintings of the Dutch masters at the Rijks Museum then feast on some scrumptious triple layered gouda (the typical Dutch delicacy) filled toasted sandwiches at Toastable (Singel 441, Koningsplein, Amsterdam). By all means don’t skip on the Dutch Pancakes nor the Coffee Shops, and take a trip to the tree lined Jordaan area making sure you stop by the floating tulip markets.


* Rent a bike and ride around Vondel Park and the Jordaan Canals
Check out the Red Light District in the evening
* Do a free tour (here is a link to the one I did and it was very much worthwhile)


* Visit the Rijks Museum, Van Gough MuseumStedelijk Museum
* Walk around the Dam Square, the streets around there are also ideal for shopping
* Visit the book market and the one in De Pijp
* Make a visit to the Anne Frank House and Museum


* Toastable (gormet toasted sandwiches, Dutch style)
* Vlaams Frites Huis (best hot chips in town)
* Il Momento (cute cafe)
* Stach (lovely organic products, fresh bread, pastries and coffee)
* Moods Coffee Corner (great coffee and breakfast)
* Puccini Bomboni (delicious assorted chocolates, quite pricey though)

with love. 


  1. Oh! Beautiful photos!!
    It seems to be a lovely place :)




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