Balenciaga Spring 2015

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Alexander Wang presented his Spring 2015 collection for Balenciaga during Paris Fashion Week- amongst smoke and mirrors (literally). He had the models parading on a very futuristic transparent glass runway, where below smoke was dispensed i.e they appeared to be walking on air.

Maturing into the house, Wang took inspiration from Balenciaga's namesake "fishermen's net" evening coat, immersing the collection in all sorts of netting (heavily used in his namesake line as well) and sculpted mesh skirts. He constructed floor sweeping overcoats which also had a slight Matrix (circa 1999) slickness to them, alongside the futuristic eyewear of course.

Neck lines were fitted like thick collars, and paired with mini shorts, it was a typically Balenciaga silhouette if I ever did see one. The soft as ever colour palette (with the addition of back) was a fusion of white, lavender, beige and pastel pink, as he attempted to "contrast the things that feel very industrialised with a gentleness" (Alexander Wang).

“We started thinking a lot this season about opulence with the mood feeling very . . . restrained in fashion lately, we thought, Let’s go indulgent!” 

- Alexander Wang

Athletic, durable and skin-tight, notable Wang was seen to take inspiration from the functional attire of cyclists in "tak[ing] the preciousness out" of the heavily detailed monochrome ensembles. Wang has never strayed from toying with the toughness, and we have watched his fascination with laser-cut mesh grow as it has been a large part of many of his collections for his namesake label (Spring 2013 & Fall 2012).

Cristóbal Balenciaga cemented architectural volumes and embroidery as the pillars of his design house, and within this collection we see the talented Alexander Wang embrace those fundamental traits yet morph it into something of his own making.

I am utterly in awe. 

with love.


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