Balenciaga Resort 2015

Friday, 6 June 2014

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Truth be told, I liked this collection a lot more than I thought I would. There was a lot of nodding, 'oohing' and subsequent 'aahhing' going on as I browsed Alexander Wang's Resort 2015 Collection for the almighty house of Balenciaga.

Firstly, there was enough tough outerwear that makes my soul sing. Wang also blended apparent maritime influences so well with dollops of French chic that well... one would hardly compare the collection to any blue and white stripe clad navy. The tones of navy and black worked wonders, paired with muted tones and stark whites. Wang's genius was again seen in the black leather pieces which were perfectly tailored and turned up at the corners to reveal a snippet of deep blue.

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The black netting which imprinted onto jacket and skirt combo was mighty impressive, matching the bags made entirely out of netting. If we're talking influence's, there is no doubt that those black boots were taken from Wang's nautical reference- yet somehow they look incredibly chic and edgy.

I can't help but draw comparisons with Wang's asymmetric cut to that of Raf's for Dior (Resort 2014) Collection, as well as those strapless numbers. None the less, the asymmetric cuts of this Balenciaga collection were dream-like, working heavenly with their trailing hems and undisputed sophistication. They brought a sort of fluidity and airy softness to the tough, sailor ensembles. This may sound strange, but I have found this collection relatively easier to digest in comparison to some of Wang's work in the past. Most likely due to it residing more in my comfort zone with the plethora of leather, black and neutrals.

How delightful.

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Click through to view more of the collection,

with love.


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