Disrupt[ing] Fashion

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Last time Tamara Mellon had a vision, Jimmy Choo was born, and this time it's going to "disrupt fashion". Well the exact phrase which she used when interviewed by Nicole Phelps of Style.com.

As the entrepreneur who changed the scene as the co-founder of Jimmy Choo, Mellon is what one can rightly call an expert in the industry. Yet, it's truly her business mind which is her most valuable commodity, especially considering her next big venture.

Her own namesake label. 

Mellon left Jimmy Choo driven with a vision, to create a luxury product, yet lowering the price. Did we mention she was also planning to ignore the fashion seasons and shows as we know them?

Tailored to similar foundations which Zara was built upon, Mellon wishes to create "attainable luxury".  Yet, let's not get ahead of ourselves, in saying "attainable" Mellon is still referring to the Alexander Wang like $500-$800 price point, just no four or five (gasp) digit price tags.

"I don't want to think about spring and summer clothes in February, and I don't really want to buy a winter coat right now. It all started, really, when shows went online. The customer and the world have moved forward, but the fashion industry hasn't moved forward. It hasn't really thought about how to keep up with the consumer." (Tamara Mellon)


Although, of course as good of a concept as it is, there is a sort of magic... the entire allure of the fantasy world of fashion which she is discarding. Fashion itself works on the fact that some things are just unattainable to the majority of the population. It's a heirachy, right?

And then there are the fashion shows. Remember the marvellous, golden lion at the Chanel Fall 2010 haute couture runway show at the Grand Palais? Or even the walls decked with fresh blooms at Raf Simon's debut for Dior?

Is Mellon liberating us from Lagerfeld's fantasy world?

People often ask to differentiate fashion from art, and that fine line is just what Mellon is wishing to disrupt. She is an entrepreneur after all.

with love.



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