Mary Katrantzou Resort 2014

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


With prints as her signature, Mary Katrantzou tackled Resort wear for the first time. The prints embodied hyper-coloured dreamlike landscape art, with blooming flowers, lakes and rolling hills. Melancholy and sometimes haunting, her prints are the soul of her designs- filled with Mary's own emotions and experiences.

A Japanese bridge, Chinese fisherman and the high-rise apartment towers in Sao Paulo were also pictured, as we can even see a multitude of references within each look. Yet, it all seemed to work. A printed biker jacket opened up to mirror that same picture on the dress underneath, as did many other garments. Sequins were added to her yellow floral print, as well as perspex embellishments making some of the apartment windows within her garments. The airy skirts worked wonders, giving movement and life to Katrantzou's kaleidoscopic travels.

Word also has it that the Mary Katratzou business is also growing, with the recruitment of sixteen members of staff, as well as planning to rightly delve into e-commerce next season. Big things are coming.

Mary K RESORT 2014


Mary K RESORT 20142

with love.


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