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Friday, 31 May 2013

tumblr_mjpkcceZmc1qa42jro1_1280He (or she) who goes by the pen name of Steve Oklyn, created a blog in 2011 NOT VOGUE; as being exactly that, anti-Vogue.

The core aim of NOT VOGUE  as claimed by Oklyn is "to disrupt the control of fashion reporting and the fashion history narrative which is not history as much as commercial propaganda."

Alongside an series of images, Oklyn crafts each page of his blog to feature thought provoking statements which work to question the way we view the fashion industry. The ability (or freedom) we have to stand back every now and then and view at things around us with a critical eye is incredibly important. Especially in regards to the sometimes vacuous nature of the fashion industry.

As sometimes critical of certain aspects of publications such as Vogue (well, Conde Nast/Wintour in general), Oklyn's words of wisdom really resonated with us. NOT VOGUE is a breath of fresh air, and after skimming through the blog's pages it really makes you stand back and think. Anonymous though they may be, Oklyn effectively dismantles (one satirical picture and caption at a time) the embedded rhetoric of the fashion industry's superficial nature.

Here are some taken straight from NOT VOGUE to read:

a. "When its all said and done, it's with an entire anthropology that we are at war with the idea of Vogue"

b. "The futility of every image that comes from fashion media is inescapable"

c. "Decades of fashion pacification and containment decades of fashion anaesthesia and consumer management have dulled our perception of the real"

d. "Fashion is not substitute for a missing emancipatory articulation"

e. "Would a defender of freedom demand your conformity"

anna wintour , self service mag

"My motivation is to understand my own point-of-view as honestly as possible. By creating each new page I seem to get closer to a calm sense of clarity and awareness about myself, my relationship to the world and bringing my readers along on a journey. ” - Steve Oklyn [NOT VOGUE]



(Photographs sourced from: Self Service Magazine & Terry's Diary)

with love.


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